Friday, April 3, 2009

Actor turns Politician

Sanjaydutt"Munnabhai (without circuit :)) entering into politics.Not to be surprise...Actors turning into politician is not an uncommon trend in india infact in the whole world.why not...its an easy entery for them becoz of their mass appeal,expertise in dealing with press or people alike and ofcourse last but not the least" acting"(chanting dilogues).

Many people like us do not think about their efficiency and give vote to them becoz of their superstar image.
I am not against it or questioning their efficiency and motive to enter into politics,my only concern is who all do this should work fair and sincerely.This should not encourage as a trend.

This trend started from the souther region of india. Tamil superstar MGR was the first to enter into plotical domain. he has formed his own party ADMK ,later renamed AIADMK and became tamilnadu's chiefminister in 1977 and remain til his death(1987). He also brought his co-star Jaylalitha who is now the chief of AIADMK into politics.Telgu super star N.T.Ramarao who formed telgudesham party was also very successful in politics.Following the footsteps of senior actors many southern stars like rajanikanth, chiranjeevi, mamooty,vijay kant, rajkumar have moved to political world.Now come to the nourthen region the great hindi cinema.

The success story from hindi cinema is not so colorful.
DevAnand who formed his own party could not keep it going becoz of his film commitments...The angry young man Amitabh bachhan who won the loksabha election from allahbaad in 1984 couldn't make his mark as a politician.The list is long and has names like shatrughansinha , rajeshkhanna, dharmendra, vinodkhanna, jayabachhan, govinda, hemammalini, rajbabbar, jayaprada, sunil dutt and so many.Many of them has really done a commendable job eg :sunil dutt but not all.

Now Sunjaydutt who was convicted for mumbai serial blast,currently out on bail...and a very famous salman khan who is always in news( no need to tell why)are ready to try their luck in this fantasy or real world of politics.Will Sanjaydutt be able to sustain his father's treasure?

Anyways It has become fashion or a retirement plan or a gud career opportunity which tempt actors to join politics( or may be the passion to serve people......who knows )

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